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Working Groups

EAPO represents a wide variety of members that are active in different areas and therefore their main topics of interest might differ. In order to meet the needs of all members, EAPO set up working groups based on 6 Advisory Councils. The objective being that it allows European PO's to prepare and present a common position at the meetings of these Advisory Councils.

On top of these preparatory meetings, EAPO working groups can draft specific letters to be sent to the Commission. These papers can be consulted under publications. 

Baltic Sea Working Group

WG Chair: Jarek Zielinski
Markets Working Group

WG Chair: Julien Lamothe
North Sea Working Group

WG Chair: Michael Andersen
North Western Waters Working Group

WG Chair: Jean-Marie Robert
Northern Pelagic Working Group

WG Chair: Tim Heddema
South Western Waters Working Group

WG Chair: David Milly
Main Logo EAPO